Bishop Middleham & Mainsforth

King Charles III
Coronation Event

A wonderful Coronation weekend

What can we say, what a wonderful Coronation weekend we had in Bishop Middleham and Mainsforth. It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying the activities.

Did you watch the Coronation at home? What a sight to see, a part of history to remember. The historical aspects of the ceremony were fascinating.

On Sunday 7th May was our celebration day. The day started with maypole dancing on the brewery field. The children were fantastic and given the short time they had been rehearsing, it looked very well organised. They even let the grown-ups have a turn. We hope the maypole dancing can continue at other events.

Everyone then headed to the Park. We were very lucky with the weather, it was quite warm. Our generous, kind, clever residents came together to make this an amazing day. From Mo, Lindsay and all of the crafters who made bunting, decorations, knitted crowns, top hats to all of the volunteers who decorated our village. Thank you very much.

Didn’t our throne look magnificent, all decked out ready for our royalty to have their photographs taken. Thank you to Endeavour Woodcrafts for making this throne for us. Children were queueing up to get their faces painted, make jewellery, decorate a crown to use on the throne. We would love to see some of your photographs and post them on our website. Email: with any photographs. Photographs of children will require consent by a parent before they can be posted.

We must say a huge thank you to the National Lottery Fund and Cllr. Peeke, who kindly provided funding for the events. We are also looking at some environmental projects through this year to commemorate the King’s Coronation.

Whether you enjoyed the bouncy castles, fairground rides, a bite to eat at A&k A Catering, a tipple at the Merry Tipple, enjoyed the entertainment provided by Joanie or just the get together with friends, family and neighbours. Thank you all for attending.

It was definitely as weekend to remember! Here are some of the photographs taken on the day.